About Us: Hilary and Jason - Capturing Love in Every Journey

Hilary and Jason, a dynamic photography duo based in Southern California share a passion for travel and an unwavering love for capturing the essence of love stories, we embark on a visual journey to document the magic of weddings and elopements from Yosemite’s Glacier Point to Santa Barbara’s rocky landscape of Lizard’s Mouth. We’ve documented weddings in the snow covered winter’s of Utah, to the hot dry summer’s of Temecula.

Our Beginnings:

Our story is a blend of two narratives converging into a singular artistic vision. Hilary, with her keen eye for detail and an innate sense of creativity, found her calling in photography at an early age. Jason, on the other hand, cultivated his love for storytelling through his experience in the United States Coast Guard, bringing a unique narrative perspective to every frame. His passion for nature and capturing that perfect moment was the inspiration for Jason Berry Photography. It was the fusion of these talents that birthed our endeavor into the captivating world of wedding photography. We believe strongly in connection and creating an amazing experience for our couples. 

Travel as Our Muse:

For us, every love story is an adventure waiting to be told. We are not just photographers; we are storytellers who find inspiration in the diversity of cultures, landscapes, and people that the world offers. From the golden beaches of California to the romantic landscapes of Europe, our lenses have captured the unique love stories woven into the fabric of each location.

Our Approach:

Our philosophy revolves around authenticity and connection. We believe that the best moments are born from genuine emotions and unscripted interactions. Our unobtrusive style allows us to capture these moments organically, preserving the raw beauty of your love story. Whether it's the whispered vows on a windswept cliff or the laughter shared under a canopy of stars, we are there to immortalize those fleeting moments.

Southern California Roots:

Based in the heart of Southern California, we are fortunate to call this diverse and vibrant region our home. The golden hues of the beaches, the rustic charm of vineyards, and the scenic landscapes of the desert—all serve as picturesque backdrops for the love stories we are privileged to capture. From intimate elopements in the hidden gems of Joshua Tree to grand celebrations among the Redwood trees in Santa Cruz, we thrive on the diversity that Southern California offers and we are happy to call SoCal our home. 

Why Choose Hilary and Jason:

Passion for Travel: Our love for travel extends beyond photography. We are adventurers at heart, constantly seeking new landscapes and cultural experiences that enrich our craft and storytelling capabilities.

Unique Perspectives: As a duo, we bring two distinct perspectives to every shoot, ensuring a comprehensive and multifaceted documentation of your special day.

Tailored Experiences: No two love stories are the same, and we approach each wedding with a fresh perspective. We take the time to understand your unique story and customize our approach to suit your personalities and preferences.

Professionalism and Dedication: We take pride in our professionalism and commitment to excellence. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of your images, expect a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Let's Create Together:

Choosing Hilary and Jason means choosing a visual journey that transcends traditional wedding photography. It's about crafting an artistic narrative that reflects your love story in its most authentic form. We invite you to join us on this adventure, where each click of the shutter is a celebration of love and a testament to the beauty of your unique journey.

Are you ready to embark on a visual adventure with Hilary and Jason? Let's create memories that will last a lifetime!

What Couples Are Saying About US

We are so impressed and SO GLAD we chose Jason as our photographer!

 While I reached out to a ton of photographers on the search for our December wedding, I knew we wanted someone who was good at night time lighting (since the majority of our wedding will be in the evening). After seeing Jason's portfolio, meeting him over a Skype call, and doing our engagement shoot last week, we feel like we got a jackpot photographer. He worked with us in our budget, flexible with the timing and ultimately had an eye to get the perfect shot (we did not feel rushed whatsoever).


The Next Step

No matter how you found us if you fell in LOVE with our vibrant and romantic photographs then its time to get in touch and see if we're available on your wedding day! Typically we book up 1-2 years in advance and we only take on a very limited amount of events every year to ensure you get the best experience and a fast turnaround your pictures. Click get in touch and let's start planning your adventure together!

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Ask Us About Our Yosemite Wedding Photography Pricing!

Yosemite is by far one of my favorite national parks and I LOVE that I can say I'm one of the best Yosemite Wedding Photographers in the area. Just a quick 5 hour drive from our location we can meet you in Yosemite Valley or just outside the park and drive you through with our Veteran Pass. Getting married or Eloping in Yosemite is such a special treat if you love nature and want to do some hiking.

Destination Wedding Photography

Getting married in Mexico? Italy? Tennessee? Want to have your elopement in Iceland? I've got my passport in hand and my equipment is always packed and ready to go at a moments notice! Let's hop on a plane a train or a helicopter and take some epic destination wedding photographs!

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